100,000 Hits – Europe Between East & West

Today the Europe Between East and West Blog received its 100,000th hit. Thank you to everyone all over the world who have taken time to read or share one of the 384 Blog Posts.

The top 10 nations by hits are as follows:
United States 38,445
United Kingdom 6,754
Hungary 5,288
Germany 5,268
Canada 4,907
France 3,267
Australia 2,645
Ukraine 2,488
Spain 1,822
Poland 1,776

The Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts
1) The Quiet Concubine – Valentina Istomina: Stalin’s Housekeeper
2) Europe’s Far East – The Ural Mountains: Vast, Vital & All But Forgotten
3) Buried Beneath The Tisza: Huns, Magyars & the Mystery of Attila’s The Huns Tomb
4) The Keeper of Secrets – Valentina Istomina: Discovering Stalin’s Mistress
5) Lenin’s Mistress – Revolution Before Romance: Inessa Armand
6) The Real Terror In Transylvania – Bela Lugosi On The Eastern Front
7) A Second Stalingrad – Introduction to The Siege of Budapest Tour
8) The Titanic Times Six – Sinking MV Wilhelm Gustloff (Part One)
9) The Last Bolshevik – Konstantin Chernenko: The Sick Man of Europe
10) Indivisible Enemies – The Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs In Venice

One again thank you!!!!

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