Bio: A lover of Eastern European and especially Austro-Hungarian history. Also, have a special interest in the Cold War. I have travelled extensively in Hungary. Also, have been to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium & France.

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    • It’s in Budapest on Oktober 6th utca (Ocotber 6th street). Not far from Deak Ferenc ter (Ference Deak square) Really like Belgrade as well. I have a post under the Balkans section about Kalmegdan Fortress in Belgrade.

  1. Really, enjoyed this blog as I am also curious about where East meets West. My belief that it is somewhere in the Balkans. Bismark said that the Balkans begin in Southern Vienna, however, as I am currently in Budapest I feel like the line would be somewhere really close to here. I sort of feel like Budapest, if it where a person, would be diagnosed as bi-polar. Budapest’s head (intellect, reason) are in the high society and German culture of Vienna, of which Budapest wants/longs to be (again). But, the heart and soul (emotions/passions) of this place in rooted more in the Balkans-of which Budapest/Hungary cannot escape. The Blue Danube is the artery that connects these two worlds, and, I think, is a logical route of exploration to try to determine where East meets West. I would be curious to hear others opinion, or, if you are traveling now in the area to discuss. schlueradam@gmail.com

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